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5 tips for online team building in the run-up to the holidays

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Corona not only makes regular quidditch training impractical, but also conventional team building measures impossible. Especially in the darkest months of the year we want our socials, joint ventures with other clubs, and above all our Christmas party! Here, we'll explain how all of these can be a success digitally.

Fitness advent calendar

The beginning of December is marked by our unique Advent calendar. In our fitness calendar, each day until Christmas one Vanguard shares one workout exercise. This way, our members keep moving in a creative way. Moreover, it's not just the Vanguards who get into the Christmas spirit. The Advent calendar also spreads a festive mood among all those for whom a “Türchen” opens every day during Advent.

By the way, it is also very easy to put together a challenging Advent workout from the individual exercises! ;)

Postal “Wichteln”

What’s better than making others happy? And more importantly, what’s better than receiving a small personal gift? We have changed our team-internal Wichteln or Secret Santa to a "distance" Wichteln this year. Instead of a personal handover of the gifts, there will be Wichtel letters this year. At Vanguard's "Engerl Bengerl", each Engerl gets one Bengerl assigned to which they send a small gift .

Regular online training

The fitness of our players must, of course, not be neglected. In the fight against the impending Winter fat, our regular online training courses help us work up a sweat. In addition to the two weekly online training courses, there is also a tactics unit for strategy training. This is where analysis takes place, and video material is viewed and discussed.

Game nights

With a stable internet connection, snacks, maybe a Gluewein or two, and the virtual game night is on! The possibilities are endless. Thanks to the wide range of online games on offer, it is no problem to have a lot of fun together even at a distance. A highlight is definitely the joint participation in various pub quizzes.

Our favorites: Codenames, and of course Hannah's own pub quiz!!

Interactive Christmas party

It was already clear to us before the second lockdown that we would not hold a regular Christmas party this year. But that doesn't mean we have to forego fun! In the spirit of 2020, our Christmas party will take place virtually! Everyone has to take care of the right Christmas outfit, biscuits and mulled wine themselves - the embarrassing photos in the annual review, games, prizes and the obligatory dance party are secured by the management.

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