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The Vienna Vanguards Quadball Club is constantly looking for new talents!

We're looking for players age 16+ in every shape and size.

To play Quadball you'll mostly need team-spirit, motivation and you should enjoy staying in motion, the rest we can teach you for sure!

Central European Quidditch League_Vienna_Credit, Barbara Alexandra Lichtblau-Zakrzanska(4)

Full Clubmember

Full club-membership

For players 18+. 

If you're under 18, we need a signed letter of acceptance from your guardian.

Price: 75,- € per semester

supportive- membership

Supportive club-membership

For individuals & companies,

who wish to support the Vienna Vanguards financially.

Price: 15,- € per semester


Everyone can play Quadball. 

You'll be welcome with any:

  • size

  • shape

  • sexal orientation

  • country of origin

  • gender

Quadball is inclusive for all participants and this diversity is embraced and supported.

The Vanguards play with the 3-max-rule (No more than 3 players of the same gender on the pitch at the same time.


New players always have the option to join practice free of cost to get to know Quadball.

Experienced players can get in contact with team management and be directly included in active (tournament) play. 


The optimal equipment consists of:

  • Cleats

  • sports-clothes

We further suggest:​

  • Mouthguard for the upper jaw

(available at every sports retailer)

​For Indoor-practice regular sports-clothes and indoor sneakers with light soles are sufficient.

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