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The Vienna Vanguards at the QAT-Training on Danube island

For years now, the Vienna Vanguards and Danube Direwolves regularily meet each other on pitch and mostly play highly competitive matches for valuable tournament seedings. This summer, they instead worked together to realize a combined QAT-training! Julian Prast (VV), Leon Klement (DD) & Laurids Brandl (DD) realized a 30-player strong practice on the 20th of August 2022 with visitors from Salzburg (FF) and Linz (StS). On this day of mixed friendlies the focus was set on fun and playing together.

The players could try out two-handed-tackling for the first time, an upcoming rulechange introduced by the IQA (International Quadball Association). This was followed by full-length friendlies with added Snitch on Pitch & Seeker-Action. All this wouldn't have been possible without some great volunteer help of all the teams present.

The training was held at the practice location of the Danube Direwolves, next to the waterpark on Danube island, to take a bath in the Danube after the finished practice. Obviously there was icecream, music and good entertainment involved as well!

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